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The objects are theoretical to modify and operational/integrable


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    Mode42.net/dev is international/universal and friend of different systems and/or also politically neutral+

    Version 2- Objects:

    Version 2- Objects:
    Extended platform and merging some V./Rev.|1 Stuff/Examples

  • LDEV-1(onE): Modular-AIO_Life/Existence++ Tech-Platform [Experimental/@creation]
  • Version 1- Objects:

    Rev.1_V.1- individuals objects centralization+
    Unmerged: OSDX and EVIB.

  • Static world-wide archive of documents
  • Everything find/search board and network
  • V.1- The individual objects

  • Generic documents repository
  • Business internal board-network
  • Everything find/search board-network
  • Everything find/search network
  • Electronic persuals pool
  • IT-Documentation system
  • Medical register+
  • Open(-source) development index
  • Open static memorial/personal signing wall
  • Freetime index+
  • Universal official/political publications
  • General questions/answer/solutions system
  • Static art/publications internet archive
  • Kids general knowledge and references
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