(42-)Center-decentralization-method v1.1
mainly there is one best way, non 2 best ways

DEC automats without any exception at humanity, administration and political corrections in economic way regulated by international laws and local laws by unexceptional international rules and laws.
The only one justicial per international laws and optionaly rules via DEC the only one method to correct the DEC in DEC function and analogously scientifically verifiable manner to full justicial more logical way of working and thus more complete applicability by a maximum of humanity in hundred percent (100%) to unexceptional DEC. Note: All by international laws, not one exclusion.

DEC, why:
Case and opinion:
An fair'n good systematic for working best together by existing membership have to create themselves over time, just like the political and administrative model and is an obligation to work with international laws, even if you, for example, yourself or belong to a political establishment reject the international laws in order to make them credible and applicable to find and use regulation and applicability, can be one point DEC. DEC is only systematic of mode42.dev and its products, if needed/wanted use it and you are advised, mode42.dev excludes all obligations, guarantees and exceptions in legal as autor not more as copyrighted work and public domain to get and read from mode42.dev/net.

Simple as possible is the choice and correctness and correction of DEC. The fair'n eco-system works and establish the portofolio, e.g. articles/etc over international laws and local laws to 100% international laws. If the politics/administration of ALPHA, e.g. European Union/ETC says no in the own legal way(s) to the portofolio, the situation is to clearyfy by 100% international laws, optional international rules + laws and court by 100% DEC.
The portfolio owner must accept this and make his contribution/products impossible for ALPHA, but can insist that use of the platform is legal under international law/etc and thus humanly and economically justifiable and must comply with the requirements of international law and DEC.
Note: DEC is only an fairness systematic, no rights system needs to be pointed out again here.

By canceling membership: First, pleased for if realstic go to observations/waiting state, every member/party has the right to cancel and/or exclude fully without any official/statement. Fairness is business and business is fairness, the infomations/data/etc (never personal data) hosted/provided - so the only way with human rights/nature and politics/administrations is to hundred percent still available to the whole network/platform/etc without any exclusion.

Conclusion: DEC is fully static to international laws by 100% humanity with the obligation to advance, enhance - so to correct it by unexceptional international rules laws.

@Last: DEC must grow, from human to human, business to business, instance to instance and must be further developed as a law and order system in justical and administration/politic ways in fairness of business ways only by DEC and analogously scientifically verifiable manner to 100%.