Inform/advertise internal the (own) business areas, co-worker etc.

Advertise board-network for everyting internal of the business
The internal ( board-network
The internal-administration to the own business areas and parts + opt. partners

Why, EVIB:
The static license of contents is the copyright to the own business+ private and secrecy or equivalent.

Systematic: Official/internal publications based on the own business facts handling.
Clarification of publication(s) facts can be done every time based on messages and more technical solutions.
The board-network is not to appear etc., but to inform, find and publish in a internal relevant network.
The EVIB comes without like - comment - etc, its a network with feedback/return/etc message options to exchange whats needed/applicable.
Inhuman, pseudo-critical and criminal activities are to prevent incl. technical protections.
Generally, the board-network is internal-public to view publicly hidden and section-areas are needed/useful.
Every member up to 1 accounts.
By members choice, using a pseudonym (in special cases) or real name.
An company long storage of all the official documents, logs and more is planned for justical and political rightness and future security.
Client-software solutions are rightly - recommended.

The EVIB is a hosted and/or internal neutral and objective preserving portal in every aspect of content.
The official/justical situation is to proof and to pretend.

Please take absolute care of your rights and your copyrights by all possibilities that are currently available and will be available in the future.
For protection there is absolutely no warranty and possibility to make liable for damages caused by human, technological and personal failures by int. rules and laws.
All users/official are pointed out in this moment, that any material and license which according to international rules and laws as legally and legally accepted can be offered here, thus no way out of international rules and laws without exception.