Open(-source) development index
by international rules and laws

Forword: Its a economy driven world, in the most case nobody can/will spend hundreds of hours in non-profitable way for themselves, its logical.
Sometimes, humans spend many time for free, the other facts of the reality.
If it's profitable and humane, contractual correct for both sides, it will be easier and/or more extensive to reach the/own goal(s) in open wise.

Why, OSDX?
Open-source software is BIZ and BIZ is open source, the question/solution is to bring the oss world more to the business sector for more enhancements/advancements/solutions by unexceptional releases in one or more ways as profitable and human - scientifically correct.
Open-source must created, mostly often from any companys/concern/non-profit for more flexibility and compatibilty in different and multiple environments/systematics.
This is the point where the OSDX will ship more solutions/finances to the whole development world.

Free is nice, functional is better.
First, propritary software is not/never open source, but open source often includable by propritary software.

The systematic here is a "transparent solution(s)" only for a/the given case(s).
The product creator gives the transparent into the OSDX for cooperations/integrations/etc.
Systematic here presented is the "open transparent" and more for the publicity and/or all needed, its the key for cooperations/investigations.
The founder/creator presents its idea/systematic/software as transparent by only the facts are needed or more and scientific adherence with the wanted/needed enhancements/advancements for the solution(s) possibilitie(s).

"A" founds a new software/protocol/etc, opens a transparent on the OSDX and due to the open and transparent way cooperations/feedback or not.
In opinion is better to make it at least partly public because of the potential of interested parties, other employees and more.

In the final, there is way to get open while respecting all copyrights that are automatically protected.
Heterogeneous usage is often/mostly world wide a economy-standard at all cases.