Open non-profit documentations for the IT-Sector.

Forword: Documentations and affiliated for the IT-Sector

The international (opt. rules) and laws are part and given of the prodcut fundamental for globality.
Generates finances with data analytics, business-partners program and advertisements and all possibilities thats technical scientifically and economically correct.

Raitds is an open non-profit containing documents+ system for IT, information technologys.
Standard license is the CC BY-NC 4.0 automatically or given another compatible.
Inhuman, pseudo-critical and criminal activities can result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.
Members have to eventually deposit a duplicate of the own personal id card and actual real personal data for official rightness.
An company long storage of all the official documents, logs and more is planned for justical and political rightness and future security.
Articles cant be removed or deleted excepted the quality/quantity isnt the right one.
Client-software solutions are possible by the advertisements rules and the conditions.

The editors standard (opt.) should be based on artificial intelligence compatibility level for comprehensive and readily available IT development, administration, etc

Please take absolute care of your rights and your copyrights by all possibilities that are currently available and will be available in the future.
For protection there is absolutely no warranty and possibility to make liable for damages caused by human, technological and personal failures by int. rules and laws.