RUF - Open static memorial/personal signing wall
by international rules and laws

Forword: Anyone/everyone post/tell anything we static represent it if good/real and scientific optimal.

Why, RUF?
RUF is more a gift to everyone/anyone then an company-affiliated platform.
The goal of the platform is to tell one or more realy good static-history writings/statements.
Persons/cultures do this with/in books etc. here we use technology for static-saveing.

Its the simple of everyone can if wanted save/write some stuff in time/history.
Anonymous up to public real names are allowed.

Static saveing und representing all the writings/statements forever/platform-long.
Optional: Likes, comments, links etc..
Please take absolutely care about your copyrights/rights, RUF postings/saves are public domain licensed by int. laws.

Only the platform-owner, privileged and you can edit yours historing/saves.