Static internet archive

Forword: Static internet archive for all fields of archiving.

Why, SIA:
The international (opt. rules) and laws are part and given of the prodcut fundamental for globality.
Generates finances with data analytics, business-partners program and advertisements and all possibilities thats technical scientifically and economically correct.

SIA usage is for arts and more publications in any case and wise.
The funtion is to bring up 100% viewable in the public archive for all arts and publications material.
The SIA is static and lifelong providing all material unremoveable by the given justical and legal declarations.
Hence that it is an archive so no employee/contractor contract is possible.
The default/standard is the copyright for the original by the user and the duplicate for the platform, SIA.
SIA cant break the original copyrighted work.
The SIA content is complete download-able and CC BY-NC licensed or another given.
Client software is allowed by the advertisement rules.

The right method to manage the users is a complete self-organizing partner with the permission to all needed features of the SIA.
The optimal addon/setting is a own (opt. sub-serviced) search/find network an discussions network.
Inhuman, critical and criminal activities can result in a temp. or lifelong exclusion.

Please take absolute care of your rights and your copyrights by all possibilities that are currently available and will be available in the future.
For protection there is absolutely no warranty and possibility to make liable for damages caused by human, technological and personal failures by int. rules and laws.