General Informations:
All use cases of software and data driven areas.
There will be one minimal-image for self-building the system and a preinstalled aio-image.

Good-old-software packaging:
The directory /opt/nsg (optional/nostalgia) with source and binary software as additional download-image.

Every license and possibility:
Every software is welcome and wanted at respectively legal without any exclusion.

The standards of the minimal UnionOS/D:
Small as logical possible - only absolute requirements for installing more software packages, downloading files and editing text files etc.

The standards of the aio (all-in-one) UnionOS/D:
Lightly choiceable defaults because not every package is preinstalled:
ZSH - ZFS - Postfix - Dovecot - Squid - Samba - NFS - LxQT/PDE(Vanilla LxQT and PDE-mod of the Desktop) - Enlightenment(Desktop) - MATE(Desktop) - Chromium - Thunderbird - Libreoffice - ProFTPd - Apache2 - NGinx - Certbot - MySQLd - VLC - SMPlayer/mpv - GIMP - Kodi - Kaffeine - Krita - SDDM - and redistributable and any-wise installable and many more.

Everyone can work and spend time with adding data/software over the developing-teams:
If there are legal possibilities even without registration.

[Code of conduct] Everyone should be able to participate stress-free as possible without exception.
Recommendation: Build repositories and send the link downloadable to the dev-team, thanks.

Why is the aio for server and workstation/desktop one version?
Its a important and necessary to merge for new-more in development and application.
The tech of today is good capacitate, performant and extended to bring this layout on the way.

First preview release by ~good quality available to the date: ~yyyy/mm/dd.

Current state:
The time before the distribution is released as stable are ~stable- pre, alpha, beta and rc states.

Released as original example while no more developt and as public domain text.