LDEV1 - V.:0.35 (Development/creation blank version)

Forword: Informations are one elementar values - LDEV1 is a decentralizing layout to bring in legal++ the informations static to the public and members. Note: Under development - This is the blank version!

Fordword2: "Future-Platform" Not a simple/easy to create, many factors and more but possible. This example grows with time.

Motto: Evolution and mankind - short was the beginning of long history - and God saw that it is good - humans too.

Roadmap: Mode42.dev opinion of this new work is to transform ~some old projects/business examples in better and new "clothes" with needed enhancements/advancements, more better/healthier future of all and everyone up to one completed
(@time/moment+uprades) of technologie platform. More compact and efficient is the focus++.

Layout: Primary here is explained a decentralized++ also global/public++ storage and read-only-solution++ with any and all possibilities in this case, LDEV1.

Object-Class: Mainly new, modular and from V.1- GDR, EPU, RAITDS, MED, RUF, UOI, CEY and KKF are merged and parted.

DEV-Goal: Decentral-Modular (can be more as one project/web-presence) - AIO(all-in-one) and all-time(forever) universal life, existence and the elementals (economy/political++) in every art and wise upgrade-able tech-platform development.

Static systematic: Alone, without exception, scientifically correctable and extensible with/in politics and/or business by everyone via last two instances without exception(s) as scientifically only changeable and removeable publishments.

Goal: "Its in, unexceptional!" ->= By accepting/usage/etc no one/nothing can change the scientifically correctness, only the legals by 100% science can - unexceptional for all including politics/systems/etc and all other parties/groups/etc and elements. No way out of scientifically correctness in logic only.

Legal: International laws by all/every local laws per international laws, excepted offical(s) inclusive protection "not in membershipment" areas/locations/groups/etc by LDEV-1_Rule: No Member no content about the area/locations/groups/etc excepted the common official informations no further ones with 100% privacy/social staticment.

Actual-Mode42.net/dev opinion: Future-platform to develop and establish and good'n nice by human-rightly and 100% optional obligation for the future of tech and informations/works.

Multi-economy/containment-System: Self-explanatory and extensible systematic with its standards leading to non-profit and/or public domain containenment/contents up to economy-able via open-source/copyrighted containenment/contents with business partners programs and econmony as service and more at all legaly acceptable free/licenses/etc.
Note: Upgrades, corrections and growing about time(s) are one of the orientations and functions as static system of LDEV1.

Example main-layout:
#Access# <-> #Internet/[Geo-]Routings# <-> #BIZ-Solutions# <-> #Storages# <-> #https://www.LDEV1.int/universal# <-| #OBLIGATIONs/COREs# <|- #E-INJECT#
* #E-INJECT# = 365d/24h ~100% mirrors for emergency-resynchronings ** #OBLIGATIONs/COREs# = 365d/24h [Dis&]connected 100% instances

Decentral and modular LDEV1:
"Everyone can't demand that a company/etc makes all the data possible, it's self-explanatory." Its inevitable important to develop this platform as modular and in pools-systematic like an ~archiving-system with mirroring/reading rights 100% public interfaces/access.
The Main-systematic is to bring and hold online the informations as needed in legal, for everyone - created/written/integrated by the members and partners of here called LDEV1.
Partners (this point) are here explained actual as own web-presences and only/truely partners of the LDEV1-system with upload/integrate/share/etc function.
Members work with LDEV1 direct or with solutions like client-softwares etc. Note again: Decentralized and for everyone mirroring-able. The best solution is big companys and/or every country with its laws build a own "LDEV1" system to be a member of the decentral-systematic.
Economy and competition: Mainly informations are money/time/etc and wrong/half informations are danger and failures. "The only one equipment is the decentralized informations as public-complete about/over all members in legal, humanity, logic and scientifically correctness".
Example: It makes non sense to develop/create/build one by one the same element with the same main-function 20 times.

Modules / Modulation:
- LDEV1 can only be a autonomous and/or untouchable system or international and universal system from all members administrated and regulated system or both etc.
- The realy best way is to bring up extreme good artificial intelligence systematic without priority excepted legal++
- Geological-routings (e.g. geolocaion-routings) as standard for big-data merging and mirroring mainly
- Location/business/private/etc specific areas/storages in the LDEV1-system with and without integration/mirroring/sync/etc
- Mainly LDEV1 as last-rescue-instances in storage/backup/emergency-systems,
- directly to the main function as the real-time database for merging and mirroring at/by extra computer-server-systems for integration in the main-storage after validation of legal++ correctness etc.
- (There more then one logical way to get real-time databaseing to/around the universal application-interfaces [APIs] to the clients, partners etc)
- LDEV1 interfaces (APIs) for more LDEV1 mirrorings by the 3th groups/parties/companys, members und public per source of choice
- LDEV1 interfaces for business-partners, client solutions etc.

* legal++ = The only one logical and legal by scientifically correctable and extensible with/in politics @international laws/level by the int/local administrations.