(42)Open-source modular systematic 2.0c - (42)OS(S)MC:

Mode42.net holds the author's copyright on this work, nothing more/else by international laws and local laws by unexceptional international rules and laws.
Explained, there are many licenses and here will an solid systematic presented.
Example (software): OSS must not be Source-Code (at all), the code is not needed to be an open source product. The open-source is free-to-get only not free/open/public at all.
Hardened (example): Only the free download can be open-source [url-/link] (public) for everyone. Also, its possible to call proprietäry software -> open-source_software (and more).
Goal: Open-Source products are an source thats open and/or free and/or public in any art and wise (in legal/law).

OpenSource as one whole is explained best as free-obtainable product/contribution (software/knowledge/etc) under its own regulations.
One is business friendly the other excludes business the next is part-able of commercial products/contributions and more by the own regulations.
Here will only a systematic presented for more comfortable handling for the spectrum of open-source products/contributions.

OSSMC, why:
There are facts and myths, no individual/single cases are explained here, but the spectrum of possible open-source contributions/resolutions and their possibilities as a system.
Open-source is not to release/contain everything about the product/contribution, but only what is to be published under the respective license of the product/contribution.
Open-source can be all about the product/contribution or only up to the (binary/open-source) finished part of a product, or anything else about the product/contribution.
Everything and part(s) is release-able as open-source by the copyright/founder and/or developer/rightsholder.

OSSMC explains open-source as containment of under free-obtainable contributions/products as whole or parts of products/contributions.
Or as parts of not yet clarified facts, innovations and projects/developments etc.
Short, everything thats not illegal in any art and wise can be published/released as open-source as rightsholder.

Open-source is not free at all, its primary an free-to-obtain under its own/given license/regulations for the products/contributions.
The choice of the right/own license is the major matter/advancement for parts and/or products/contributions.


* OS = Open-source, OSS = Open-source_software = OS(S) called for the OSSMC