(42)Open-source modular systematic 1.1b - (42)OS(S)MC:

Mode42.net holds the author's copyright on this work, nothing more/else by international laws and local laws by unexceptional international rules and laws.
Explained, there are many licenses and here will an solid systematic presented.

OpenSource as one whole is explained best as free-obtainable product/contribution (software/knowledge/etc) under its own regulations.
One is business friendly the other excludes business the next is part-able of commercial products/contributions and more by the own regulations.
Here will only a systematic presented for more comfortable handling for the spectrum of open-source products/contributions.

OSSMC, why:
There are facts and myths, no individual/single cases are explained here, but the spectrum of possible open-source contributions/resolutions and their possibilities as a system.
First, open-source is not to release/contain everything about the product/contribution, but only what is to be published under the respective license of the product/contribution.
Open-source can be all about the product/contribution or only up to the finished part of a product, or anything else about the product/contribution.
Everything and part(s) is release-able as open-source by the copyright/founder or developer/rightsholder.

OSSMC explains open-source as containment of under free-obtainable contributions/products as whole or parts of products/contributions.
Or as parts of not yet clarified facts, innovations and projects/developments etc.
Short, everything thats not illegal in any art and wise can be published/released as open-source as rightsholder.

Open-source is not free at all, its primary an free-to-obtain under its own/given license/regulations for the products/contributions.
The choice of the right/own license is the major matter/advancement for parts and/or products/contributions.


* OSS = Open-source software, OS = Open-source
** In this systematic-explanation OS(S)